I am Polish freelance photographer and I photograph for a book cover industry. I specialize in fine art narrative photography which refers to historical periods as well as contemporary style. I started my photography journey in 2013 when I got my first camera as a gift on my 50th birthday and from that day my life has become one with photography. I live it, breathe it, dream it. I think about it all the time. Even without my camera, I’m constantly composing images in my head.

I could describe my style as an emotional and narrative, because I always want to express emotions in my photographs and to tell a story or send a message. I love to create stirring images with a story behind it. I do not just ‘take photos’, but by following my imagination I create my own reality. Each image I create is an extension of me, whether it be a feeling, a mood, an experience from the past, or simply things that I love, such as forests, foggy mountains, wild places where man is small and powerless against the grandeur of nature. Old gardens, abandoned places, remains of historic castles and manors are pleasant obsessions of my soul.

I was very lucky that some time ago two world-leading agencies asked me for cooperation and since then I stepped into book covers industry.

I have a lot of joy and satisfaction with creating photos for a book covers. It just become my great passion. It is fantastic feeling to know that my images encourage someone to take a book from the shelf in a book store somewhere in the world.

So far my images have appeared on the covers of many bestsellers of such authors as Winston Graham, James Patterson, Margaret Atwood, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Danielle Steel to name just a few. I hope to have many new book covers in the years ahead.

Most of the times I work without any assistance, only me and my model or nature.

If you are interested in licensing my images, please contact me at: magdarussocka@gmail.com

For book covers you may see my images at: Trevillion and Arcangel.


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